David Robinson has served 16 years of a life sentence for the murder of Sheila Box. Two witnesses have recanted, and another man confessed to the murder. As Robinson’s appeal has now reached the Missouri Supreme Court, Robinson continues his “Life Without” freedom, his family and … parole. Watch this six part video series and examine the details of this perplexing case.

Chapter 2

Interviews with those who were closest with Robinson at the time of the murder and a look into his not-so-clean past.






Chapter 3

Romanze Mosby gives a detailed confession of the murder to a private investigator. This chapter looks at how that taped confession wasn’t enough to get Robinson out of prison and what happens to Mosby. 

Chapter 4

Albert Baker was the only witness to the murder but later recants his testimony under oath and the threat of perjury, stating he fabricated the whole story.






Chapter 5

The night Sheila Box was murdered Robinson had an alibi. While many people put him at a fish fry during the time of the murder, no one can be sure what time he left. The prosecutors used the inconsistencies in the witnesses to poke holes in his alibi. Many believe this was the turning point in the trial. 




Chapter 6

Robinson has seen five appeals denied to date but remains hopeful as his layers fight for his release.